As we manufacture mechanical and electromechanical systems, we absolutely need to use the latest technology as well as information systems always up to date.
We produce machines using other machines. Through technology we can design and manufacture equipments that would have been unthinkable not so long ago. It's not just a question of technical and scientific evolution; above all, it's all about acquiring knowledge, a concept that can be summed up in the phrase “know-how”. When you have a professional relationship with someone who “knows how”, your job will improve, on a number of levels.


We like to build tailored relationships with our customers; it's actually them who prefer this, as they feel more cared for, more involved, more participating. Suggestions come from both them and us. The engineering process doesn't stop at designing single specialized machines; on the contrary, it accompanies customers in developing systems that involve whole production cycles. What we offer, then, is complete counseling and full servicing, from machine reconditioning to maintenance, both planned and condition-based. We do the same with our equipments: they are periodically renewed, checked and tested. Meloni works like this. If in sixty years we have been constantly growing, have received recognition, and have become a leading brand, this means that the method we use is still a good method.